Sunday, January 16, 2011

Does AT&T want to Deprecate my Residential Landline Service?

The launch of AT&T U-verse in a Region represents a serious challenge to AT&T Line Repairmen, finding a good pair of copper wire at the box to transmit 32 MB of AT&T Internet, AT&T Digital Television and AT&T Digital Voice is no easy task. These AT&T Repairmen have normally been with the company a very long time. I imagine they don't like contractor's messing with their box and the potential for conflicts are huge. 17 hours ago, my once very reliable AT&T Residential Voice landline line went down which gives it a not so stellar 95% uptime in 2011. I also discovered that the AT&T installers had been in my building all day Saturday installing U-verse for my neighbors. It appears to me that they took my good line that tested at 32 MB and gave it to my neighbor - maybe payback for placing a call to AT&T Executive Services earlier this week for the problems I encountered with their U-verse service and restoring my DSL line after the failed installation.

Without escalating this issue, my Regional AT&T Manager would have liked to restore my line 5 days from yesterday as standard operating procedures. After my escalation last night, I now have a Tuesday service restore date. But that's still not acceptable, I've had this AT&T landline a very long time and since that time added about every AT&T service. They broke it on Saturday, they should fix it on Sunday morning. With the increased sales of U-verse similar to AT&T iPhone sales, I would hope that AT&T would have planned for a new workflow to address service outages caused by their installers deploying new U-Verse customers. Unfortunately, that doesn't sound like it's the case!

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