Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother of Arnold's Love Child - Mildred Baena - Patty Baena

It always surprises me how quickly the identity of the Mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child has been identified by tabloids like, Star Magazine and -- within hours after the story broke. What is even more shocking is that people like Arnold's Mistress - Mildred Baena (Patty Baena, Patricia Baena) do not disable or delete their social media accounts such as Patty Baena's MySpace Account more quickly after stories like this hit the Internet. For now, here are the links to Mildred Baena or Arnold Schwazenegger's Maid's MySpace Photos. She needs to remove the photos of young son -- better yet "terminate" her MySpace account.....

Here are the links to the Mother of Arnold's Love Child's MySpace Account including the Photos.

Mildred Baena MySpace Account

Mildred Baena MySpace Account Photos