Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook - How to Leave a Regional Network - Workaround

A client of mine asked me to help her remove the Facebook Regional Network from her Facebook profile. She has moved to a different city in the United States and did not want to be listed under the old city. When she originally joined Facebook over a year ago, in order to signup for Facebook, she had to select a Regional Network. When Facebook removed this feature this summer, the Regional Network or city was still showing up under her Facebook Profile when members performed a Search Query on her name. Here is a work-around or hack that a woman named Joyce posted it (thank you Joyce!). It has worked for some people and not for others.

1. Go to Networks and Join the University of Santo Thomas Network in the Philippines. I searched on the Philippines to find it. It allows you to enter any email address.

2. After joining the Network, a [Leave] button will magically appear for your old Regional Network. Click that button and return to your Facebook Home Page.

3. Return to the Network tab and click the [Leave] button to leave the University of Santo Thomas Network. You will also need to go back to your Status feed and remove the Santo Thomas network message as weel as your Education tab to remove the entry that you attended Santo Thomas. (I think that is all the entries!)

Your Regional Network will possibly be removed now like it was for my account and when other FB members enter your name in the FB Member Query box, the Regional Network should not appear under your name. That all said, it worked for my account but did not work for my friends.

I really wish some FB employee would address this issue or put up a form user's can use to request the change to their profile.