Monday, April 27, 2009

Best links to Swine Flu Information (H1N1 virus)

Here are the best links I could find on the Swine Flu virus. When an incident like this occurs, as a consumer interested in up-to-date, relevant and comprehensive information on this topic, I found myself searching: 1) Google Web Search; 2) Google News; 3) #swineflu ; 4) Wikipedia ; 5)

1) Google Health News

2) World Health Organization Press Briefings

3) CDC site

4) Google Maps,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5

5) You Tube Video on Swine Flu Virus

Dr. Joe Bresee, CDC Influenza Division.

6) CDC Emergency Site

7) Wikipedia - Swine Flu

8) U.S. State Department Travel Alerts

9) N95 Masks and Respirators Info on CDC Site

10) Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN on