Friday, May 02, 2008

FakeSteve - Fake Steve Jobs - The Ballmer - Yang Picture

This is the original blog from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs AKA Daniel Lyons that contains the Steve Ballmer - Jerry Yang dog picture. The blog is entitled: Yahoo: Borg deal is "frosting on a double-layer suck cake."

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OpenDNS Servers - not reliable - April 2008

Last year, the Bell South or AT&T DNS Servers went down so I switched to OpenDNS. Today, I noticed that several websites were not found on the OpenDNS servers so I switched back to the AT&T DNS servers. The AT&T DNS servers appeared to be much faster than before. I think the OpenDNS servers are better used as backup DNS servers.

It's really nice to have an Apple iPhone so that I can use Edge to test access to the website.


Monday, April 28, 2008

iPhone Proximity Sensor broken

Since the last iPhone firmware update, the proximity sensor on my phone appears to be broken or non-operational. When speaking to someone on my iPhone, the screen goes blank and I am not able to get back to the iPhone Phone screen. Today, I called AppleCare Support, and they recommended a System Restore

However, I would not recommend performing a system restore unless you have time to go to your local Apple Store or to send your iPhone for service. When I tried a system restore, I was not able to restore it. I have my original iPhone from last June, the iPhone Launch Weekend.

An FYI - if you believe your proximity sensor is broken, check your sensor without the case. It is possible an old case might be causing the problem.

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Iphone screen wil not wake from sleep after phone call

You know how when you take a phone call in iphone mode, and you bring the receiver to your ear and the screen magically goes blank? I assume this function was designed to reduce heat against one's ear) Well, after I take calls lately my screen has not been magically turning back on?????

The phone doesnt completely shut down, I can still hear calls and everything. But the screen will not wake until I press the sleep button twice and it will then return to screen save and require the slideer function to return home.

This is rather annoying. I havent trid a restore yet, as Id prefer not to, but Im sure thats what they will do at the store.

If I try a restore and it keeps doing it I definitely take it back to apple store right?

Anyone else getting this error?


I just installed the iTunes update on my Windows XP PC. I have not noticed any problems with my iTunes or my iPhone. There was no iPhone update yet (1.1.4 is the most recent version). I can't seem to locate of list of any features or bugs that this update fixed.