Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iPad Screen Rotation Lock Changes with iPad OS 4 Update

With the IPad OS 4 Update, here are instructions to lock your iPad Screen Rotation. After this update, The Screen Lock Button is now the Mute button

1. Press [home] [home]

2. When the iPad Multitasking Bar appears at the very bottom of the screen, swipe with your finger left to right until you see the new Screen Lock Setting.

3. Press the Rotation Lock Icon (a Circular Arrow with a Padlock) in the bottom left corner of the screen. See below...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People Celebrity News Tracker iPhone App Removed from Apple App Store? Does it still work?

In the spirit of the Holidays I decided to research a current Family IT crisis. Apparently according to My W, My Mother-in-Law and My Sister-in-Law - People Magazine has removed their blockbuster Celebrity News Tracker iPhone App from the Apple App Store. In the past several weeks the App has stopped sending updates to these customers that paid $1.99 for this Advertising Supported Paid App. This App was lauched in May 2009 and appears to be possibly replaced by their new model requiring a yearly print subscription or individual issue downloads for $3.99. Unfortunately, the Apple iTunes App Store does not provide its customers with an redirected link explaining this except a blank web page and my thorough search of the website or other Internet "News" sources did not uncover any notification to its loyal and fanatical customers. A search of the Apple App Comments archived found a number of very angry and frustrated users of this App that thought their App was corrupted on their phone because it would't post the updates.

One of the above upset users of the People Celebrity News Tracker comnented, "You would expect this from other companies but not People!" In addition, two emails were also sent to People but no response was received.

That said, right after I posted this blog I received a family update that the Celebrity News App, Version 1.5 is now working again. I asked how she knew and heard who won last night's Dancing with the Stars Competition - so I can now close this least for now.

BTW, I ended up restoring Version 1.5 of the Celebrity News iPhone App to enable one of the iPhones to work. I would recommend not upgrading to Version 1.6.