Friday, March 05, 2010

Use Gogo Inflight on two devices

How to Use GoGo Inflight on your laptop and iPhone

After signing up for the GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi 30 day plan, I wanted to
know if I could use two devices for my account. So instead of throwing
a dart and testing it, I used their Live Chat service. Here is what I
was told:

1) You can't use two accounts simultaneously.

2) You can log-off one device by going to:
such as your laptop/Macbook.

3) After a sucesful log-off, you can log-in with the other device such
as an iPhone or Smart Phone.

In my case I added the URL to my
iPhone home screen.

After I power-off my MacBook Pro, its nice to be connected. This
includes on trips to the front or back of the plane --you get the