Friday, November 21, 2008

Vonage Service Outbound Caller ID Not Yet Available in 2008

I noticed the other day that their Outbound Caller ID did not display the name of my business. I cannot believe that Vonage Outbound Caller ID is not yet available as of 2008. I have seen complaints dating back to 2006. When I called Vonage Customer service today, the rep told me:

  • "It's available for their business customers only."

  • "It's not available on any IP Phone Service"

  • "The final answer is that the Vonage Outbound Caller ID is not available on their personal or business services".

Here are some links to other individuals complaining about this.

Vonage Outbound Caller Not Available
Vonage Outbound Caller ID Complaint in 2006
Cnet News - comment

When I subscribed to the Vonage Service several years ago, I did so thinking the service would improve in future years. I understand that displaying the caller id has been problematic for telco companies, but even my iPhone family plan displays the correct outbound caller id for each family member. The Vonage corporate tag line is: "A Better Way to Phone for Less". They list one of their features as "Caller ID with Name" but that is clearly deceptive advertising, it should read "Inbound Caller ID with Name Only".

Without Outbound Caller ID, Vonage is clearly not a viable personal or business phone alternative. Come on Vonage, it's time to step up your level of service!

Apple iTunes 8.02 and iPhone 2.2

I updated my Apple iTunes 8.02 and my iPhone to iPhone 2.2. These updates were installed without any problems except with my PC Windows or Dell laptop, I have not been able to upgrade my iPhone firmware for about a year. Luckily, I have a Macbook and I first synch my iPhone on my Dell, then backup and upgrade my iPhone on my Macbook. This release took less than an hour with my 16GB iPhone 3G.

This is a nice upgrade loaded with use features that include:
  • Google Maps Walking and Public Transit Directions
  • ITunes Store Podcast Downloads
  • Apps Store sorting options
  • The ability to disable the annoying Auto Correction keyboard setting (Setting > General > Keyboard > Auto-Correction Off
  • Pressing the App Home Button is suppose to return you to the Application Home screen with this release but this feature did not work for me.

Overall, a very nice unexpected full featured iPhone update. Great job Apple iPhone Dev Team!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Google Mobile App to be launched on Monday 17 November 2008?

The new rumor is that Google Mobile App that allows voice search will be released on Monday, November 17, 2008.