Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 Rocks

I finally was able to get Firefox 3 installed on all my computers. Here's the final link:

Firefox 3 Download Page

It rocks, here is a list of all the features Firefox 3 Features.

Firefox 3 Download Link at www.getfirefox.com

The Firefox 3 Download site does not appear to be very reliable. So much for World Records....

According to the a mozilla developer center. Here is the official download link:

Although I couldn't get that page to load so here's where I downloaded my copy for Windows. In addition, here are some other Firefox download links "caveat emptor".

Digg.com Windows version

A download site with all versions

Firefox 3 Download Day June 17, 2008 Starts at 1PM ET, 12PM CT, 11AM MT, 10AM PT

For news, finance and sports national events are usually scheduled based on East Coast Time. Today, the Firefox 3 Download Day Official Start Time is scheduled based on Pacific Time (Silicon Valley, California USA). This is 1PM Eastern Time or -4 GMT. In many countries it will be 18 June 2008 for this Download Day in which an attempt will be made to set the Guinness World Record for most software downloaded in 24 hours.

Here is a link to download Firefox 3

Download Firefox

Here is a link to the Spread Firefox Site:

Download Day