Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Remove Facebook Video AutoPlay

NOTE: I tried this a temporary fix on my MacBook Pro, but finally disable it. There were too many conflicts with some of my programs. 

Here's a temporary fix to your browser to remove the Facebook Video Autoplay feature. It's a little annoying in that you don't see the video thumbnail, but it will prevent your computer from autoplaying videos in your Facebook Feed. 1. Google Chrome - In the Chrome browser, type: chrome://chrome/settings/content - Under Content Settings, Plug-ins, change the setting to Click to Play


 2. Firefox - click Tools, Add-Ons, Plugins - In Shockwave Flash, change your setting from Always Activate to Ask to Activate.



- After making these changes, you will need to restart your browser.
- This will disable the Autoplay feature or and the video thumbnail for all websites, not just Facebook. This might not be the desirable result for some sites including CNN and ESPN. Unfortunately, the fix that most Facebook users would like to see would be a Facebook setting to disable this feature.


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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gmail Account - All Email Going to Trash - Account Hacked

A friend of mine called this morning and said his Google Gmail Account was hacked. After he reset his password, all of his incoming email to his Gmail Inbox was still ending up in his Gmail Trash Folder. When I went to his Account Filters, I found the following filter below.

1. If the email doesn't have the words "oko", then delete the email message or send it to Trash.

2. When my buddy navigated to https://security.google.com/settings/security/activity to see recent accesses to his account, there were two unauthorized accesses to his Gmail Account, one from Talahassee, Florida and the other from Atlanta, Georgia. I really hope that Google will investigate these hacks to their system and prosecute those that are engaging in this type of activity.