Wednesday, July 25, 2007

iPhone IT Manager Woes

In my family including my wife, daughter and some of my close relatives, we now have five iPhones. Since the iPhone launch on June 30th, I am the designated iPhone IT Manager for everything that goes wrong with everyone's personal Apple iPhone, from iPhone synchronization, iPhone battery life, iPhone wi-fi, iPhone storage, iPhone YouTube videos, iPhone photos, iPhone airplane mode, iPhone lack of games, iPhone ring tones.

First of all, I want to say I QUIT! I don't want this job! That said, I am not ready to give the job up yet since it does have some benefits. How quickly I forget the concert tickets, restaurant reservations and the necessities of my happy marriage. So here is my list of recent trouble tickets.

1. Do Not Ring -- How do I put my phone on Do No Ring.

Answer: In the upper left top corner of the iPhone, slide the button the red position.

2. iPhone Wi-Fi Reset -- My iPhone wi-fi mode doesn't work anymore, it automatically goes to Edge and will not connect to my wi-fi network.

Answer: Apple installed a feature to reset the network settings. I cruised the iPhone forums and help blogs and read about individuals inserting IP and DNS settings, resetting their iPhone and even returning them. You should reset or clear the network settings before to proceed with those hacks. Here are the steps.

Settings -->
General -->
Reset -->
* Reset Network Settings

3. Wi-Fi Settings -- How do I enter my Wi-Fi 64-bit or 128bit encryption string.
Answer: Select WEP hex or ASCII then enter a $ before your encryption string.

WEP Password -->
*WEP hex or ASCII

(enter a $ before your encryption string)

4. My Outlook Calendar doesn't synchronize
As of August 2, 2007, even with the iTunes and the iPhone 1.0.1 firmware, my Outlook Calendar does not synchronize. Here are suggestions from Apple:

Apple FAQ