Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upgrading My iPod Touch 2.0.2 to iPod Touch 2.1 - it worked!

I just hate being the iPhone IT guy in my household. Every time Apple releases an update (which is a good thing), I need to ensure every computer's iTunes is updated and I need to spend the time waiting as the new iPhone firmware is installed on the device.

Today, despite warnings from the iPhone Atlas website to not upgrade my iTouch to version 2.1, I went ahead and rolled the dice and...IT WORKED!

I wanted to add that I use a Dell Windows XP laptop as my main computer since I am a Microsoft Outlook user. For whatever reason, I've never been able to install the iPhone or iTouch firmware updates on my Dell and I have instead used my MacBook to install them. After I install the new firmware on my iPhone or iTouch, re-synch on my Dell Windows XP laptop. I've gone through and tried just about everything including deleting old iPhone restore files but it's never worked, it always hangs.

Here are the steps I used to upgrade to the new iTouch 2.1 firmware and iTunes 8.0.

  1. Using my Dell windows laptop, I downloaded iTunes 8.0 installed and synched my iTouch. When I received the message to download the new iTouch 2.1 firmware, I did not select or declined those options. I unplugged my iTouch from my Dell Windows laptop and plugged in my iTouch device to my MacBook.
  2. Using my MacBook I downloaded and install iTunes 8.0. When I received the message to download and install the new iTouch 2.1 update. I clicked Download only, because I like to do it in two steps in case something goes wrong.
  3. Using my MacBook, after the iTouch 2.1 software has downloaded, click the iTunes Summary tab and click Update. When prompted with any warning that my iPod Touch was synched to another device, I clicked No and continued with the installation. I did respond yes to the prompt to transfer songs from my device to the MacBook iTunes. The udpate went fast and I did not encounter any issues. When this process finished, I unplugged my iPod Touch and plugged it in to my Dell Windows laptop.
  4. Using my Dell Windows laptop, I synched my iTouch.
I'm now using the new iTouch 2.1 Software. On Friday I'll update my household of iPhones.