Monday, July 09, 2007

My iPhone Rocks!

We are now a three Phone family. Here is my list of its top features and benefits.

1. AlwaysOn -- With the Cingular Edge and Wi-fi, you are always connected to the Internet. This is great for some airports that don't have free wi-fi service and when I am waiting for the one important email from the office or need to access a specific website for my business.

2. Phone/iPod -- I absolutely love being able to listen to music on my iPhone and if my cell phone rings, I can immediately switch over to a take the call. In fact if I am working in my home office with my headphones, my W will call on my cell phone, she knows she won't be ignored.

3. User Interface -- The scrolling user interface for contacts and music is unbelievable. I actually enjoy scrolling.

4. Stocks -- This month have enjoyed checking my stock, especially AAPL.

5. Maps -- Okay, we're in the car and arguing about directions, so now we have three versions of Google Maps/Earth directions with the satellite view to navigate to our location. I still don't do maps.

6. Email Accounts -- I have several gmail and aol email accounts, some which I need to check but rarely do. When I am at my favorite spot in the morning, reading my newspaper and drinking my coffee, I can now check my email for these accounts.

7. Photos -- The quality of the 2MB photos is great. It's much better than that old Razor phone.

8. -- I can now show my friends some of my home movies on youtube.

There are a few features on my iPhone that aren't fully operational yet, like the Outlook Calendar synchronization and the Contact synchronization (use Yahoo Synchronization if you have this issue), but for now I'm enjoying my iPhone!

Thank you Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple Team!