Thursday, March 10, 2011

iPad 4.3 Home Sharing

The other new feature in iPad 4.3 is the capability to Share Music, Video and Podcasts from your Mac Computer to your iPad/iPhone/iTouch 4.3 devices. I enabled it as follows:

1) iTunes Home Sharing Settings under Advanced -> Turn On Home Sharing

I turned on Home Sharing on one of my Mac Computers by entering my iTunes user id and password.

2) iPad 4.3 Home Sharing Setting under iPod

I enabled Home Sharing my iPad by selecting settings -> iPod -> Home Sharing and entering my iTunes User ID and Password.

3) Using my iPad, I using the iPod Application, when I tapped on the Library, my Home Sharing for my Shared Library User Name's Library appeared. I could now play music on my iPad without copying the files over.

4) Using my iPad, the Video Application now displays the TV Shows and Music Videos Library from my computer.

iPad 4.3 - New iPad Side Switch Lock Rotation Setting

In General Settings, there is a new Lock Rotation setting that allows the user to set the funtionality of this switch that was changed to mute the audio with a previous update,

iPad 4.3 (8F190) - Just Updated To New iPad Software

I downloaded and installed the new iPad 4.3 this morning after downloading and installing the latest version of iTunes Version 10.2.1. The software and firmware update was successful. The majority of the time was downloading the software (40+ minutes). The installation replaced the existing version of the iPad Software and Firmware. The iPad 4.3 update went very quickly 20 minutes and did not require the re-transfer of the data.