Friday, July 03, 2009

Software Updates - What's Mandatory and What's Not!

I received a mailer from my car manufacturer about an update for the Navigation System in my car for $149.00 It caused me to think what sofware updates, new software releases or annual software subscriptions I would pay for and which one's I don''t. After reviewing this list, it appears that some of my decisions are not based on price and useful features as security and princple. Lastly, if it's a Free update, I'll always install it!

Required Software Updates
  • Computer Antivirus Software
  • Mac Operating System (Leopard was a nice upgrade and if I wa)
  • iTouch Software Upgrade (with Apple products, it's nice to know you have the current version in the event you have a problem).

Not Required Software Updates

  • Any Windows operating system after Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Office Updates after MS Office 2003
  • XM Radio, new feature to play on my iPhone and Computer (they should have grandfathered this feature for their long-time loyal customers.)
  • Infiniti Auto Navigation (I haven't encountered many errors with the current navigation, at least in my city, these should also be free., although some would argue you are paying enough for the car, what's another $149.)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

iPhone Voice Control Commands - iPhone 3GS Voice Control Commands

By far one of the most useful features in the iPhone 3G S 3.0 is Voice Control. If you didn't read or skim the iPhone .PDF user manual then you may have missed this feature unless you are one that like to uncover the the new features in your iPhone like you are playing a adventure video game or by after hours cocktail conversation.

First of all, when driving your car in states like California which require you to use a headset, this is a great feature. You can finally place a call from your iPhone without looking at it and driving. Here is a list of the iPhone Voice Control Commands.

To Active iPhone Voice Control
  • Hold down the iPhone Home button for 2 seconds.
iPhone Voice Control Phone Commands
  • Call 1 800 555 1212
  • Dial 1 800 555 1212
  • Call John Smith
  • Call John Smith Mobile
  • Dial John Smith
  • Dial John Smith Mobile
  • No - cancel command
  • Nope - cancel command
  • Not that- cancel command
  • Not that one - cancel command
  • Wrong - can command
iPhone Music Commands
  • Play
  • Play music
  • Play playlist
  • Play playlist On-The-Go
  • Play playlist My Top Rated
  • Play playlist Audio books (didn't work for me)
  • Play playlist Purchased
  • Play album
  • Play Album T-Shirt
  • Play Album Song
  • Pause - to pause the music
  • Pause Music - to pause the music
  • Next
  • Next Song
  • Shuffle - to shuffle the playlist.
  • What's playing?
  • What song is this?
  • Who sings this song?
  • Who is this song by?
iPhone Voice Control Other Commands
  • Help - the only commands for now are "Using iPhone Voice Control you can tell iPhone to call contacts, play albums or play playlists.
Caveat Emptor or let the buyer or user beware - In testing iPhone Voice Control 1.0, if the voice recognition system can't decipher your your command, it will sometimes randomly start calling someone in your address book. This doesn't work like the voice calling system in most cars which require you to acknowledge each entry, it is much more predatory. In my case, it started calling several people I haven't spoken to in years that are listed in my address book. In any regard, great job Apple, can't wait for Voice Control 1.1 or 2.0.

Lastly, if you are looking for Voice Control in your iPhone 3G, it's only available in the iPhone 3G S. Ugh, possibly a reason to upgrade! And it iPhone Voice Control doesn't currently work with Bluetooth. It is rumored to be in the 3.1 firmware update!