Friday, April 03, 2009

Is Your Comcast Service Down? - Get on for Support!

This morning, I signed in to my Twitter client, TweetDeck and was checking this mornings tweets. I noticed several members of the Miami Technology community commenting that their Comcast Internet Service was down in the 305 or Miami, Florida area. One asked for a suggestions of local coffee shops with reliable wi-fi access. When I replied (@twitterusername) to this guy on my Twitter Friend list, the next thing I knew I received a public reply from a member of the Comcast Tech Support Department asking if I needed assistance. When I performed a Twitter Search on #comcast, I noticed Comcast Customer Service checking modems and connecting with customers via Twitter. This is a great use of Twitter, and you don't need to stay on hold for 15 or 20 minutes waiting for an available service rep.

If your Comcast service is down, I recommend you login to Twitter and search on #comcast for Comcast contact information or simply tweet with #comcast in your message.

Wow, this is a great use of I hope AT&T DSL or AT&T FastAccess Customer Service is listening!

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