Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bose Headphones with iPhone and Skype?

When traveling overseas, I like to use Skype and I've always wondered if I can use my Bose QuietComfort 2 Headphones with the accessory microphone cord I use with my iPhone to connect to my Dell laptop. I would really not wamt tp carry an extra headset for using Skype with my PC. I googled around and didn't see the answer, looked at the Bose FAQs and finally called Bose Customer Service. The answer from their customer service representative was that there is no known plug from Bose or any third party. A workaround is to use the Bose for your sound and buy a third party microphone for your laptop.

That's too bad.


Bill said...

Thanks for performing the research. I had been wondering the same thing! Sounds like Bose needs address this market space. In would be great to include a separate microphone plug in (rather than inline) the Bose mobile communications kit for the QC 2 or 3.

Anonymous said...

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Eliza Leazzy said...

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