Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sucessfully Ordering Nike Lebron XI Shoes on a Shoe Launch Day

At my age, I still like to hoop it up with the Bros to shed some pounds so I can enjoy my favorite  favorite sport -- eating. The other day I came down on my ankle with a slight sprain so I decided it was time to get a new pair of LeBron basketball shoes. As a Miami Heat Fan, it just doesn't feel right wearing Durant, CP3, Kobe or Rose in the 305.

So after unsuccessfully trying to order the #LebronXI shoes for the month at most of the Shoe Retailers, I was introduced to the Nike Release Dates & New Releases Calendar at:


I'm also an e-commerce webmaster and maintain a number of online stores for my clients at my Design Agency and Internet Marketing Company in Miami. So on December 31, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time, I fired up my MacBook Pro to participate in the launch. Nike provides some launch tips at the link below so before launch day, I did the following:

On launch day, I logged in to Nike.com, Twitter/NikeStore and waited at the Nike Store website to refresh my browser at the link below.

LeBron James 11 Collection

Sure enough, at exactly 8 a.m. I saw LeBron 11 Dunkman with its radioactive set of hues appear on the screen. Then I selected my size and as expected it was an experience like buying concert tickets. My Firefox Browser locked up after entering my credit card. I tried quickly to login to some of the popular Shoe Retailers (eastbay.com, finishline.com - same issue). So just as I was about to give up, I fired up Google Chrome, logged in to Nike.com, Paypal.com and sure enough, Nike processed my order.

Just as I was celebrating my successful order, I checked @NikeStore tweets, and noticed that the other reason for the spike in online traffic at the NikeStore was the simultaneous release of the Air Jordan 3Lab5, which sold out in 56 minutes. Yikes, I realize Michael Jordan lives in the 305 but those shoes are not for me and in my days, we collected cards not shoes.

To any parents that are trying to make sure their kids can find a pair of LeBron 11s or other Nike Shoes, I would suggest you checkout the above links and use your PayPal Account for the best shopping experience. Also, don't hesitate to buy the shoes on launch day if the inventory is still available. With the global demand for shoes these day, they are produced in a limited quantity and will most likely sell out quickly.


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