Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nike+ FuelBand SE - How to Use - Where's The Documentation?

I've had a Nike FuelBand for over a year now and I recently upgraded to the Nike+ FuelBand SE. When it comes to technology products, I have always been in the camp that "If you have to read the documentation, you need to find another product". With the Nike FuelBand, from the moment someone asked me what a NikeFuel Unit was, I discovered I needed to read the documentation. However, unlike many new Tech Products these days, the documentation for the FuelBand isn't in the box, it's online. It's also somewhat like an Adventure Video Game, you discover new features as you use the product (is this another time I can use the word "gamification" which my wife, "The W" says isn't a word). The information on the Nike Support site and FAQs is very limited.

Here are some of my discoveries using my new Nike+ FuelBand SE.


Nike+ FuelBand SE Manual
Nike+ FuelBand Manual

Nike+ FuelBand Support Page
@NikeSupport (Twitter)
@NikeFuel (Twitter) 

  1. There is Nike+ Connect Software for the Mac 
  2. There is Nike+ Connect Software for the PC 
  3. There is the Nike+ FuelBand App for the iPhone in the Apple AppStore. 
  4. The Nike+ FuelBand App is not available for the Android yet as of December 2013 
  5. The FuelBand has Device Firmware that will be updated.

  • NikeFuel Earned
  • Hours Won
  • Calories Burned
  • Number of Steps Taken
  • Current Time FPM - NikeFuel per Minute (Average from entire session)
  • ELAPS - Elapsed time in-session FUEL - NikeFuel earned in-session


  1. 1. I updated my updated my Nike+ Connect Sofware on my iPhone. 
  2. I synchronized my original NikeFuel Band to my iPhone by pressing the button. 
  3. I plugged my original Nike FuelBand into my MacBook Pro and synched. 
  4. I removed my old Nike FuelBand from my MacBook. I thought about putting it in another room to get out of the BlueTooth range, but ended up not doing that. 
  5. I inserted my new Nike+ FuelBand SE into my MacBook and enabled it. Since I had just under 1 Million NikeFuel Units, I concerned about using these units even though a Nike Rep had told me that there wasn't a problem. My MacBook Nike+ Connect Software recognized my new Nike+ FuelBand SE and even installed a device Firmware Update. The day I synchronized, I had about 5K NikeFuel Units and these were transferred to my new Nike+ FuelBand SE. 
  6. I accessed my Nike FuelBand App on my iPhone. It correctly synched the updated FuelUnits from now new SE. 
  7. I was finally able to access the new Nike+ FuelBand Sessions feature that is only available with the new SE.

  1. With the new SE, you no longer have to press the button to synchronize. 
  2. You can now press the FuelBand SE button twice to get the time.


More on Sessions later. This feature rocks!


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