Friday, March 01, 2013

Displaying a Twitter Tweet on Your Website

Like many basketball fans, I too saw the infamous Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video. So as a Social Media experiment, I decided to post of photo of my company's attempt to identify the players in the video. For example, it certainly wasn't difficult to recognize @KingJames or the King, Mario Chalmers or Bosh but which player was wearing the Bear or Ted-like head? Which player was the #Horsetronaut or was the Horse? Who was the Clown? Which ones were Joel Anthony and Jarvis Varnado? So we took my firm's best guess and sent it to Miami Heat Sun Sports TV Reporter Jason Jackson's Twitter Account. And he tweeted back: The Twitter Tweet
Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video

The code from the Tweet could be embedded on a company's website as a Social Media Promotion Tool.

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