Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Installed iOS 5 on my iPad

Just finished installing iOS 5 on my iPad. Had to re-visit the Apple site to find some of the new features: Many new features
1) Safari has tabbed interface;
2) Camera uses side button;
3) Wizard like interface for setup;
4) Photo Stream auto uploads new photos to iCloud, downloads to all devices;
5) Newsstand feature allows you to download magazines.
6) New Messages, includes a Send Read Receipts setting (default off). A new Messages App was installed on my last iPad screen.
7) New Reminders feature. A new Reminders App was installed on my last iPad screen.
8) The new native Twitter App was installed over my previous one. It supports multiple Twitter accounts.
9) There is a Split Keyboard, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

A great lineup of features!

You should use your Mac or PC log-in to to check out iCloud.

I didn't lose any data during upgrade but it took 2-3 hours including backup time.

Apple iOS 5 Features

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Greg said...

Martin, do you know if ipad and iphone upgrade the same download?