Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Bad Miami Driver - Almost Killed Me Today

This morning it's not about new technology like the iPhone 4 but this
driver in the red car that drove through the orange poles into the
Express Lane heading South on the I-95 in Miami and appeared 40 yards
or less in front of my car. It happened so quickly all I could do is
hit the brakes, glance in my rear view mirror to see how close the car
in the left lane was to my bumper as my car locked into a 55 mph to 0
stop. For a brief moment I thought, prepare yourself because we're
raming straight into the side of this red car. Then as my right foot
pressed on my brake pedal as hard as possible, my Infiniti G37 brakes
came to a near stop just inches from this car and the astute driver in
the of the vehicle in the left lane behind me unbelievebly swearved
left to miss my 2 seat coupe by inches. Wow, the family member riding
in my passenger seat and I were alive and spared a trip to the
Hospital or even worse the Cemmetary. Well, after an incident like
that my emotions got the better of me as the red car driver with
tinted windows and the damaged right bumper passed me, I rolled down
my window to give him the bird. Then I pulled out my iPhone 3GS and
took a picture of car and license plate. Then I realized that after 60
or less seconds, this morning I am just happy to be alive. Any stress
I had was now gone after this life threatening moment. Any previous
important decision like upgrading to the iPhone 4 was now meaningless.

Finally when starting this mornings blog entry I whipped out my iPhone
3GS take a look at the photo below I took. As I used the reverse pinch
to zoom in on the license plate of this bad Miami Driver's license
plate, i realized that because of the quality of the camera on the 3GS
I got nothing - you can't see any of the letters or numbers. Huh, a
better camera on the iPhone 4, maybe that is a nice feature?

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