Friday, January 15, 2010

Best List of Twitter Users in Hati - Earthquake 2010

Twitter Users in Haiti - Live Tweets from Port-Au-Prince

If you are looking for more in-depth coverage of the Haiti 2010 Earthquake, check out this Twitter List of Twitter users tweeting from Haiti (Hati 2010 Earthquake).

Live-From-Haiti Twitter List

Haiti Users on the List
Carel Pedre - A popular radio & TV Host in Hati.
Yael Talleyrand - Blogger in Haiti
Frederic Dupoux - Blogger and Photographer in Hati
Troy Livesay - Missionary and Blogger in Hati.
InternetHati - The Multilink Haiti Twitter account. Here is a link to their Facebook Page.
Firesideint - Fireside International, a non-profit organization

Journalists in Hati
Jacqueline Charles - Caribbean Correspondent for the Miami Herald
Rodrigo - Journalist and VP of BNO News
AndersonCooper - CNN Broadcast Journalist
Ann Curry - NBC Broadcast Journalist


MyrtleBeachConnection said...

I have all of them on my Twitter List plus many others who are on the ground right now:

JC Cortes said...

Periodistas mexicanos cubriendo (aunque casi no twittean los hechos) @ddaaponte, @Jaime_Guerrero y @CarlosLoret

Unknown said...

others for your twitter list: (Red Cross media relations - just arrived in haiti) (Jay Newton Small - Time magazine)

MyrtleBeachConnection said...

Thank you KCM! I included the three in my Haiti list. JC Cortes, I hope someone has compiled a list for the Spanish contingent. Keep them coming! I will revisit this post and update my List. We now have over 100 names on it.

Ed said...

Website for mobile phones for posting lists of survivors: