Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Verrus Mobile Parking Payment by Phone - A Must Have To Avoid Parking Tickets

If you haven't tried the paying for your parking by cell phone yet, the Verrus Mobile Parking Payment system has now arrived in 100+ cities in North American. The key benefits are include:

1) Pay your parking by credit card.

2) Auto Text Message Reminders to your cell phone. If your dinner or movie runs longer than expected, then you can refill your meter from your cell phone automatically. This is a huge benefit!

3) When the parking meter is either out of paper or not able to scan your credit card (it happens too frequently in my city Miami, Florida), which could be embarrassing if you are with clients or are out on the town during the evenings. To use Verrus Pay by Phone, you merely, dial the Pay by Phone Number, Enter your location and Enter the number of minutes you would like to park.

The Verrus Pay By Phone mobile payment system is now operational in cities across the United States like Aspen, Chicago, Coral Gables, Dallas, Hawaii, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Haven, New Orleans, Oakland, Redwood City, Santa Ana and Seattle. If you plan on traveling to any of these cities, it doesn't hurt to sign-up because it's free.

Okay, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There is a $.35 cents charge on each transaction, even re-filling your parking. However, it wouldn't take too many $25.00 parking tickets per year to offset that fee.

You can sign up by calling Verrus using the number on the parking meter, but it is much easier to do so online. To sign-up for the Verrus Pay By Phone, go to http://www.paybyphone.com or http://www.verrus.com There is no registration fee. They accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express but AMEX is not available at all locations. You also need to enter the license plate number to your vehicle(s).

Verus Mobile Payment Locations

Verrus Sign Up Form

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