Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upgrading my iPhone 3G S to iTunes 8.2.1

With each iTunes upgrade you are probably not alone in wondering if this update will break cause a problem with the data on your iPhone or your computer. So several weeks after its release, I finally installed iTunes 8.2.1 on both my Macs and PCs.

First of all, this upgrade took several minutes to download and install because it also included Safari and Quicktime. In general, it went smoothly. However, here is a list of potential issues you can review after installing this release and synching for the first time.
  • iTunes Setup Assistant -This works similar to setting your browser as Internet Explorer or Firefox, provides and option to allow Apple to organize your music for you (no thank you) and to download Album Artwork automatically (nice feature).
  • Info -> Contacts -- Ensure that your contacts are being synchronized and that they are not being doubled up. You might want to add a contact to both your Contact Manager and your iPhone to ensure it is working correctly.
  • Info -> Calendar -- Add an item on your iPhone and using your Calendar Applicationtion to ensure it is working.
  • Info - review other settings on this page since after a new install of iTunes, Apple sometimes doesn't save your settings.
  • Photos -Ensure your photos are being synched.
  • Photos - Make sure you backup your Camera Roll photos using iPhoto or Picasa.
  • Applications - You might take the time to Upgrade your Applications from your desktop.

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