Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Using the Kindle 2 iPhone App to Read a Book

Today, I downloaded and installed the new Amazon Kindle App for the iPhone and purchased a book for it. Here are the steps I used:

1. I installed the iPhone Kindle App from the iTunes App Store. You an also download it from the link on the or use the the Safari browser on my iPhone. There was no link to the iPhone Safari browser.

4. I typed in "" in my iPhone Safari Browser and then found the book I was looking for at $13.51 that would be Auto-delivered wirlessly to Kindle on my iPhone.

5. In the right navigation, there were two options: A) Buy with 1-Click, Send wirelessly to my iPhone or B) Send Sample now wirelessly to my iPhone.

6. I clicked "Buy with 1-Click" and was prompted to sign-in to my Amazon account.

7. I was asked to verify my credit card information and billing address and then received the message: "Your Kindle Edition order has been placed. Your item will be sent to Iphone. Kindle for iPhone will start downloading the this item the next time you open the application.

8. I tapped on the Kindle Application and my Book was delivered in seconds.

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