Monday, April 28, 2008

iPhone Proximity Sensor broken

Since the last iPhone firmware update, the proximity sensor on my phone appears to be broken or non-operational. When speaking to someone on my iPhone, the screen goes blank and I am not able to get back to the iPhone Phone screen. Today, I called AppleCare Support, and they recommended a System Restore

However, I would not recommend performing a system restore unless you have time to go to your local Apple Store or to send your iPhone for service. When I tried a system restore, I was not able to restore it. I have my original iPhone from last June, the iPhone Launch Weekend.

An FYI - if you believe your proximity sensor is broken, check your sensor without the case. It is possible an old case might be causing the problem.

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Iphone screen wil not wake from sleep after phone call

You know how when you take a phone call in iphone mode, and you bring the receiver to your ear and the screen magically goes blank? I assume this function was designed to reduce heat against one's ear) Well, after I take calls lately my screen has not been magically turning back on?????

The phone doesnt completely shut down, I can still hear calls and everything. But the screen will not wake until I press the sleep button twice and it will then return to screen save and require the slideer function to return home.

This is rather annoying. I havent trid a restore yet, as Id prefer not to, but Im sure thats what they will do at the store.

If I try a restore and it keeps doing it I definitely take it back to apple store right?

Anyone else getting this error?

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