Thursday, October 09, 2008

iPod Wet Screen - Use Zip Lock Bag and Rice to Repair it.

Here is something to try if your iPod gets wet or damp and your iPod has a White Screen or a Blank Screen. In this case, the iPod functioned but you could not read the menu items on the screen. Before I tried this, I reset the iPod and restored the iPod but neither of these worked.
  1. Wipe any water off the iPod immediately.
  2. Do not use the iPod, turn if off if you can.
  3. Use a vacuum to dry out the iPod. A hair dryer is not recommended.
  4. Put the iPod in a plastic zip lock bag with a handful of rice or use Silica Gel Packets that come with most electronic items (I couldn't find any in my house since I usually throw them away). Leave your iPod in the bag for several hours and check it 2-3 hours or so. Apparently, the rice or Silica Gel Packets absorb the moisure in the LCD iPod screen.
In this case, the iPod Nano screen became active after only 1 hour. I absolutely could not believe this procedure fixed the iPod Nano LCD Screen after it got wet!

My next steps would have beeen to take the iPod apart then order a new screen for $29.95 + shipping or call Apple Care. I am glad I didn't have to resort to those options.

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