Monday, October 27, 2008

How much postage do you put on your Miami - Dade County Absentee Ballot?

I use to think the United States Postal Service website was great at calculating postage but when I mailed my Absentee ballot today, the site computed $.59 unless the envelope is an odd size, which it could be, then it's is $.79 cents. James Camner, a blogger on The Huffington Post site writes it will cost two first class stamps or $.84. My W says she took hers to the post office and the postal worker there said it was $.59. A Miami Herald website news article reports that the Post Office will deliver your ballot regardless of the postage you put on it. In Osceola county in Florida, the postage is $1.17 because of the number of initiatives on their ballot.

I put two first class stamps or $.84 on my ballot. If I were voting for the post master general or for the group that writes the ballot instructions, they surely won't get my vote today.

Happy voting!

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