Tuesday, January 15, 2008

iPhone Update 1.1.3 and iTunes 7.6

My daughter called today from college to let me know that a new iPhone 1.1.3 update is out. She said it had some great new features.

View the Apple iPhone 1.1.3 Update Video

Here is a summary of the iPhone 1.1.3 Features
  • Enhanced Maps
    • New Location Button - Find your location automatically
    • Drop Pin - You can
    • Display Real Time Traffic Information
    • Hybrid View -- Street names on top of satellite imagery
  • Customize Home Screens
    • Add Icons to the home screen for websites or iPhone Applications/Games.
    • To customize - Tap or hold icon for 1 second until they wiggle.
    • Supports up to 9 home screens
    • Scroll between home screens
  • SMS
    • Send SMS messages to more than one recipent
    • Stores SMS groups via history
  • Gmail
    • Gmail folders are now supported.
    • iMap support to gmail.
  • iPhone Movies
    • Rent movies
    • Movie chapters allow navigation.

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