Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iPhone IT Guy - Installing iPhone 1.1.1 iTunes

Before installing the iPhone 1.1.1 (iPhone firmware 1.1.1) and iTunes updates, make sure you successfully synchronize before you install it. There is no utility to backup your iPhone other than an iPhone successful sync. In addition, make sure:
  • iPhone Photos -- Your iPhone Camera Roll photos are backed up or a copy is on your computer (in some cases, you must import them from your Photo program such as Google Picassa)
  • iPhone Contacts -- If you are not using Yahoo or some other non-standard method to synchronize your contacts, make sure that you have a copy on your computer or a backup copy.
  • iPhone Wireless settings -- Make sure you know your wireless settings or password to access your wireless networks.
This upgrade deletes and replaces your iPhone software or firmware and restores your iPhone applications and settings at the very end of the installation process. At a point in the installation process, your iPhone will be de-activated and locked and you will not be able to abort the process. If you run into a issue, you should call Apple Care!

Apple Care
U.S. iPhone technical support: 1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466)

This upgrade adds three main features:
  1. Disable Edge -- You can disable Edge when traveling internationally or if you want to force a wireless connection which I have used when initially configuring a new wireless connection with a weak signal.
  2. iPhone Home Button -- You will be able to set the Double-clicking the Home Button to either iPhone Favorites or iPod.
  3. iTunes Icon -- A new iTunes will appear in the fouth row of your iPhone which is used to connect to the iTunes store to purchase music if you have a wi-fi connection or are in a Starbucks.

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