Thursday, September 06, 2007

Applie iTunes 7.4

I installed this upgrade today. After the install, I was asked to reboot my PC. I received a brief error message that my iTunes Store was not accessible, but I was still able to access the store. Additionally, iTunes took several minutes to recognize my iPhone in its cradde, but it eventually did. Here are some notes:

  • Ringtones -- There is a new ringtones tab in iTunes 7.4.
  • Software Version 1.0.2 -- There was no update to the iPhone software.
  • Bookmarks -- They synced fine with the new version.
  • OutlookSyncClient.exe -- I still get the OutlookSyncClient.exe error message with my 1GB outlook.pst file. If I use a smaller .pst file, it works. The iTunes 7.4 update did not fix this. I have tried using the scanpst.exe Outlook tool but it didn't fix my .pst file. For now, I have a work-around but I will eventually try and resolve this when I have more time.

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