Saturday, July 29, 2006


Some of my good friends are getting married today. Here is their toast:

Ralph and Linda worked closely together,
Everyone there knew Ralph was very clever.
Then Ralph strutted across the office in high heels,
And we all suspected he was working on multiple deals.

Then Ralph and Linda traveled to a trade show,
Which caused most of the office to want to know.
Finally one day it was all made public,
Ralph and Linda were no longer the subject.

The next thing we knew there were four,
And life for them was no longer a bore.
So Jeffrey and Rose gained another dad,
With all of Ralph’s toys, that couldn’t be so bad!

Finally we received our press release,
And we’re here today to celebrate with a Justice of the Peace.
Linda and Ralph, thanks for being such good friends,
Everyone please lift your glasses, because now this toast ends.

Congratulations Ralph and Linda – togetherness for a lifetime!

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